Decades of Experience

For over 35 years, knowledgeable Midwest car enthusiasts have brought their cars to Performance Alignment, because owner Bill Braucksick, Master ASE certified technician, is one of the area’s leading suspension experts.

Starting as a mechanic for the Jim Russell racing school in Canada, he then became the in-house alignment expert at a Cincinnati tire retailer. In 1984 he opened his own shop, aptly-named Performance Alignment, which quickly became the acknowledged go-to place for local enthusiasts, autocrossers, and racers.

Photo: Bill Braucksick crewing for the Champion Audi team at the 24 hours of LeMans in 2001. (Bill Braucksick collection)

Working For The Top Racing Teams

Bill’s expertise has made him a sought-after addition for professional race teams, and he has crewed for some of the most prestigious teams at the most prestigious tracks in the world, including Formula One, Can-Am, Trans-Am, IMSA, SCCA, and FIA endurance races at Sebring, Daytona, and Le Mans., where he crewed for the factory Audi team. In addition, Bill has had an SCCA competition license for decades, with several wins to his credit.

Photo: Bill Braucksick adjusts the suspension on the Champion Racing Audi R8 American Le Mans race car. (Courtesy Champion Racing)

Why Racing Experience Matters

Enthusiasts bring their cars to Performance Alignment because the right suspension setup can mean the difference between a good car and a great car, whether for street or track. But the experts at Performance Alignment know what’s best for your daily driver too, whether it’s an ordinary car, crossover, SUV, or pickup.

Photo: Performance Alignment owner Bill Braucksick enjoys an SCCA Sport 2000 victory in his Doran JE1 (Bill Braucksick collection)

What Is A Performance Alignment?

Many of today’s vehicles have very limited alignment adjustments, so overcoming some problems requires specialized equipment and expertise. There are also a number of vehicles that must be aligned outside of factory specifications to obtain optimum handling and road performance. Aligning a vehicle on a machine sitting still (static) doesn’t always mean it’s going to perform properly on the road (dynamic). We know what works with each vehicle design and can use our equipment to set up your car for maximum fuel economy and minimum tire wear. Inexperience can cost you!

Expert Problem-Solving

Performance Alignment performs alignments for many area dealers and body shops. After a collision repair, an expert alignment is a “final exam” for our body shop customers. We can accurately diagnose suspension problems that other technicians and state-of-the-art equipment can’t.

One dealer had a pulling condition with a brand-new vehicle. Even the factory service representative couldn’t figure this one out! Our racing experience led to the solution. Althought the car was properly aligned, by measuring the “corner weights” (placing an electronic scale under each tire) we discovered the factory had mixed up the springs, which had shifted the weight of the car to one side. Installing the proper springs cured the problem.

The Right Stuff

At Performance Alignment, we have all the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to do the job right, including our “Hunter Engineering Computer” alignment equipment. But having the proper technology is only part of the equation. Technical education and decades of applied, practical field experience on the highway and the racetrack means Performance Alignment has the equipment, the education, the experience and the expertise to do it right.

Call us today and experience a Performance Alignment for your car.

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